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CCMSD Tina Thomas Employee Spotlight

CCMSD Tina Thomas Employee Spotlight

Name: Tina Thomas

Title: Medical Records/Registration Coordinator

Tenure: 1 Year

Hobbies: “I read a lot of true crime. I also like to do diamond art; it’s almost like paint-by-numbers, but with diamonds.”

Bio: Tina Thomas was born into a family that helped people. Her mother was a nurse at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming and her father was a firefighter. Both parents spent their careers saving lives and so it comes as no surprise that Thomas would find herself following in the footsteps of her parents. 

Thomas began working for Crook County Medical Services District in January of 2023 and while she’s not performing the same tasks that her mother did all those years ago, she is still an integral part of the community medical clinic. 

After Thomas graduated high school, she went to college to become a Registered Nurse. But life had a different plan for her – she became pregnant with her first daughter. 

“During and after my pregnancy with my first daughter, I worked as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for a long time,” Thomas said. “I did that in nursing homes and such. And then I had a second daughter and I worked in the physical therapy realm, but more so in the receptionist and billing offices.” 

It was there that Thomas discovered a real love for numbers, for facts, for figures, and for helping people behind the scenes. 

“After working in the physical therapy world for a while, an opportunity came up with CCMSD,” Thomas shared. “So I put in for it, and had a discussion with them and I really enjoyed the conversations and everything. So they offered me the position and I moved on up here, and I’ve been home ever since.” 

Thomas performs a variety of tasks for CCMSD, and she loves each and every one of them. 

“I’m in medical records registration,” she said. “So I handle all medical records, incoming and outgoing. I also register patients for the ER, for outpatient visits, or when patients come up from the clinic for labs or radiology. I also do pre-auth for any commercial insurance for radiology. I’m also still a CNA and a driver for the ambulance.” 

Thomas is truly a Jill-of-all-Trades and a master of all. She’s passionate about her job and that passion presents itself each and every day. 

“I just love it all,” she beamed. “I just love doing it all, and I get to talk to different people; not only the patients, but I also get to talk to different providers and build up good rapport with them.” 

Thomas is a people person. This is evident in the way she speaks about both her patients and her coworkers. 

“I love having conversations with people,” she stated. “And I think they enjoy it too. Any patients that are staying with us, I try to interact with them. I love having conversations with our patients, and just getting to know them and seeing a lot of them as outpatients. They come in and I’ll say hi and we’ll just have a brief little moment, right then and there.” 

Thomas lives for those little moments. CCMSD is a small hospital, in a small, tight-knit community. For all intents and purposes, everybody knows everybody. So when Thomas or any other staff at CCMSD are speaking with their patients, there’s a good chance they know them outside of the clinic as well. 

Contrary to the popular perception of medical billers, Thomas isn’t hidden in a dark office somewhere with just a computer and a book of codes. She’s right in the middle of the various goings-on of the hospital, and she’s never afraid to tag in when needed. 

“If the floor gets busy, I’ll jump out of my office and I’ll take care of the floor and help them out as well,” Thomas revealed. “So I’m not just sitting behind my desk all day. I go out and help with the patients as well. The nurses will holler at me if they need help; they know they can just ask. I’m just out there running. And it’s the same thing with the providers; if they need something, I’ll get on the horn and start calling for records or whatever they need from a different facility.” 

Thomas attributes her go-getter attitude to the fact that everybody at Crook County Medical Services District works as an extremely well-oiled machine. Even more than that, they’re a family. Which is ironic, because it was her family that led her down this path in the first place. 

“Thank you, to the people above me who gave me this opportunity,” Thomas said. “It’s been home ever since. I don’t want to ever go anywhere else, because this is where I need to be. It’s where I feel comfortable. It’s where I’m a part of this family. It’s where I belong. I’m home.”