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Person holding a phone displaying telehealth visit with a provider

Telehealth / Telemedicine visits are now available through Crook County Medical Services District, right from your phone or computer! Please contact any of our clinics and the receptionists can help you schedule a telehealth appointment.

What to Expect

Just like a typical office visit, you’ll be evaluated via your phone or computer camera using the Zoom application. Alternatively, CCMSD also uses Apple FaceTime if you have an Apple device. You and your local provider communicate directly. You’ll see, hear, and speak with a remote provider from the comfort of your own home. The visit is set up via e-mail and the meeting link will be emailed to you with the scheduled appointment time.

How to Access Telehealth

If you would like to use CCMSD's Telehealth service, please call the hospital at 307-283-3501 and ask to speak with a nurse. Your billing information will be taken over the phone. Check with your insurance company to see if Telehealth visits are a covered benefit. Please download the free Zoom app prior to calling and make sure your phone camera is functioning properly.