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Laboratory Services

Vials of blood inside laboratory

Crook County Medical Service has a laboratory at each of our locations that tests and examines various types of medical issues. Our clinical reference laboratory services serve each of our locations, as well as our Emergency departments and our Long-Term Care facilities around the clock, seven days a week.

The laboratory is open 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday, no appointment necessary. In addition to the lab, get your labs collected at our outlying clinics: Moorcroft Clinic, Hulett Hometown Clinic.

  • No appointment necessary
  • Short turnaround times for results
  • Cutting edge equipment
  • COLA and CLIA accredited

Lab tests can provide important insight into the body’s chemical processes, many of which regulate vital bodily functions. Laboratory studies have become some of the most important tools that medical professionals utilize in order to evaluate the health of a patient. If and when a provider orders blood work, our lab technicians will provide excellent service with care in mind, utilizing cutting edge equipment.

Our labs perform a variety of tests, including:

  • Hematology
    CBC’s, Hgb, Hct, White Blood Cell Count and Platelet Count
  • Chemistry
    45 individual tests performed in-house, the ability to draw a large selection of sendouts
  • Immunology
    Influenza A and B, RSV, Strep Pneumonia, Legionella, MONO, Strep, Pregnancy, H. pylori, Occult Blood, BV Blue, Trichomonas, COVID 19 (Antigen, Molecular and Antibody)
  • Urinalysis
    Urine pregnancy test, Urine dip, Urine microscopic and set up for culture
  • Microbiology
    KOH, wet preps, gram stains, C. diff, MRSA/MSSA, collections and set ups
  • Blood Bank
    Blood Type and antibody screens. Providing blood for inpatients, ER patients and outpatients.
  • Blood Gases
    Arterial Blood Gas, Venous Blood Gas, Lactic and Ionized Calcium
  • Therapeutic Phlebotomy
    Treatment of polycythemia vera and hemochromotosis
  • Toxicology
    Urine Drug Screens; Work Place UDS’s and BAT’s both DOT and NONDOT

For more information, call 307-283-3501.

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