Providing Quality Laboratory Services

Our laboratory services range from clinical chemistry, special chemistry, microbiology, molecular, virology, immunology, serology, hematology, urinalysis, point-of-care testing and immunohematology. 


Crook County Medical Service District's Laboratory is a full-service laboratory serving Crook County and surrounding areas.
Crook County Medical Service District's Laboratory offers clinical reference laboratory services to each of Crook County's clinics, Emergency Department and Long Term Care facilities around the-clock, seven days a week. Short turn-around times for routine testing and excellent STAT turnaround testing assists the provider in providing the highest standards of patient care.

Lab tests provide insight into the body’s chemical processes, some of which regulate important body functions. They have become some of the most important tools medical professionals utilize to evaluate the health of a patient. When your provider orders blood work or other lab tests, visit either the laboratory or one of the Crook County Medical Service District clinic locations for a simple and quick collection process.

 No appointment necessary

 Short turnaround times for results

 Cutting edge equipment

 COLA and CLIA accredited 

A wide range of tests including the most commonly ordered labs: cholesterol (lipid); blood sugar (glucose) monitoring for diabetes; blood thinner monitoring (coagulation); metabolic panel (chemistry); pregnancy screenings; blood cell counts (CBC); urine analyses; and many more.... 

Welcome Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 
No Appointment Necessary 

In addition to the lab, get your labs collected at our outlying clinics...

Moorcroft Clinic

Hulett Clinic